Assessment Plan

As a NASPAA accredited program, Appalachian's MPA program adopted an Assessment Plan to encourage continuous improvement, commitment to public service values, and mission- and outcome-driven delivery. The Assessment Plan defines the program's mission, public service values, and program goals, as stated below. 

The mission of the Appalachian State University Master of Public Administration program is to educate and prepare in-service and pre-service students to be public service leaders by fostering foundational knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and professional networks.

To achieve this mission, the MPA program emphasizes three distinct public service values

  • Expertise: to act with competence, skill, and knowledge to achieve effective outcomes
  • Accountability: to act with integrity and transparency in the lawful pursuit of the public interest
  • Responsiveness: to be respectful of the perspectives of citizens, colleagues, collaborators, and other

Program Goals:

  1. Delivers a curriculum that reflects core disciplinary content and provides flexibility for student specialization,
  2. Develops collaborative relationships across the university and with local government, non-profit, and criminal justice professionals in the region and state,
  3. Promotes high-quality faculty teaching, scholarship, and service, and
  4. Sustains and enhances the program’s governance, resources, and established strengths.



naspaa accredited the commission on peer review & accreditation


MPA Director
Dr. Mark Bradbury

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Appalachian State University
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