Courses and Concentrations

The MPA program at Appalachian State University involves a minimum of 42 semester hours and typically takes 2 years to complete. This consists of 27 hours of core courses (listed below), which includes 6 hours of an internship for pre-service students and field research for in-service students, and 15 hours of courses that are specific to a career track. Electives must be approved by the MPA Director. All students are required to take at least one course outside of the Public Administration Program.

Each of the tracks/concentrations offered corresponds to a particular career objective, but regardless of which track you choose, you must complete 42 semester hours (including the eight core courses that are common to the various tracks.) In all tracks, in-service status involves waiving the internship requirement and the addition of one elective course plus PA 5010 Field Based Research for 42 hours total.

Off-campus students follow the Public Management track.

 Students must select one of the following four tracks as their area of concentration:

Core Courses


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